Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life In The Slow Lane

Hello Friends!

  I hope you're having a fantastic day! I've been thinking for a couple days, "What should I write about next?"  The tragedy in Arizona has been high on my emotional radar since it occurred, a most upsetting situation for everyone injured, the families of the victims and our country.  The biggest thing in my head was, immediately, that I was annoyed by the sheriff of Pima County for bringing "political vitriol" into the situation. Politics had nothing to do with this horrible act and bringing it up was an extreme example of inciting hatred, which, I'm sure, was not his intention, we as humans try to find an explanation for terrible events, but his comments were a prime example of extreme irresponsibility.  That said, the emotional aspect of this event is just very difficult...  Lives lost, people injured, lives turned upside down.   When things like this happen, it just makes me want to spend more time with my family and hug them and hold them all very tightly.

 My thoughts wandered to something that I hold near and dear and just recently, it has been given a name - The Slow Movement.  In our hurried and harried society, going slow is the exact opposite of what we're accustomed to.  We're used to rushing to get places, make appointments, see people, do things, run errands, take the kids to soccer, dance, karate, play dates, clean the house, make dinner, pick the kids up from school... and on and on.  The Slow Movement, and the Slow Food Movement in particular, seeks to trek a new path through the rush.  We're certainly used to Fast Food - A day's worth of Calories, fat and sodium, delivered through your car window in two minutes... and all this for ONE DOLLAR!  Slow food is the opposite of the mess that is fast food.  Slow Food is lovingly prepared REAL FOOD, nutritious, good for the body and soul. Sure, it takes time to prepare, but the pleasure of consuming something that is good for you and your family is well worth the time spent in the kitchen. The Slow Food movement also encompasses the themes of sustainability, eating fresh, seasonal, local foods, raw milk, small scale farming and biodiversity.  Some of the themes are a bit on the tree hugger side for some, but if you take a look at the purpose and think about the positive outcomes of this lifestyle, I think even the most skeptical will agree that, for the most part, this is a good idea.

 I'd like to share a website with you.  I found it a few days ago, and there is so much to read and ponder and enjoy, I think you'll like it too.

 The Slow Movement

And I'm going to leave you with a few pictures of our farm...where we try to enjoy life in the Slow Lane.  Much Love and Peace, My Friends.

George, our milk machine.  :)

Sam, helping make a "salad" treat for the chickens and goats - all homegrown and wild crafted edibles from our yard - edible for animals AND people!

Homemade crusty french bread
One of  "the girls" - Paco
A day's harvest
Family Dinner Table
Happy Kids

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Kendra said...

I stumbled upon the same website a year or so ago. I've been purposefully focusing on slowing our family down for a couple years, and it is remarkable the difference it makes in our lives. I truly believe that the Lord wants us to slow down. It not only builds stronger families; it also allows us more time to spend with Him.