Saturday, March 26, 2011

Doing it Naturally...

Several years back, I joked on my website that we had made it official... we would be homeschooling our twins.  It occurred to me that it was "Official"... we were now THAT family.  Christian, homeschooling, long skirt- wearing, more than 1 child (in the suburbs - how very weird of us!)... little did I know... we would become more and more "THAT" family than I could EVER imagine!  It makes me laugh now, because the more time that passes, I think we were such "beginners" at that time! As time has passed, I've become increasingly more natural in my approach to life.  Simplicity, an increased trust in God's creation and provision, increased interest in learning about natural modalities and an increase in natural health and nutrition have brought us to where we are today.

It should be made clear that I am not opposed to conventional medicine.  I have three boys who have some pretty significant medical needs and we've seen pretty close to every imaginable specialist between the three of them.  I'm not opposed to allopathic medicine, I just lean toward believing a certain way... namely 1) Prevention is better than treatment. 2) If there is a natural treatment available for a problem, we will try that first. 3) If we don't like the side effects or potential for problems with an allopathic (or natural, for that matter, although I've never encountered this with natural treatments) treatments or preventive care or remedies, we don't employ that treatment.

It is all pretty basic, in my mind...common sense.  If you don't like the way something works or how something feels, don't use it.  But, boy oh boy do I get the third degree on some of my choices.  One of the "biggies" that we get a lot of questions over is the fact that we do not vaccinate our children.  They were selectively vaccinated in their early years.  We delayed vaccines, did one at a time and decided there were some that were not necessary.  Until one of my children endured a vaccine injury.  A substance that I was wishy-washy over at best, I allowed to be injected into my child.  He is permanently visually impaired because of my choice.  I don't beat myself up for it anymore.  When I knew better, I did better.  This is the right choice for my family.  I don't appreciate the disapproving looks and questions I get from people (medical folks as well as the peanut gallery who thinks they know our situation better than I do), but I'm used to it and know that defending my choices is part and parcel for our lifestyle.

Other than not vaccinating, some of the other modalities we have used include chiropractic (which we've used for chronic pain control, constipation, weight loss, headaches and seizures), naturopathy,  homeopathy, aromatherapy, herbals, water therapy, a natural diet (especially in the spring through Fall, we raise and grow much of our own food - produce and meat and dairy), natural hygeine and we strictly limit the use of chemicals in both our diets and as far as products we use for body care - no flouride in our toothpaste, no PABA or parabens or petroleum in our soaps, shampoos, sunscreens or lotions.

See... I told you that we are OFFICIALLY THAT FAMILY.   Please enjoy looking through the following links.  Find something new to read about.  It may or may not be "for you", but at the very worst, you might learn something new and find something new or different that might just be worth giving a try.   One note... the alternative health world is very heavy on new age-y concepts.  It can be an effort to sort through the "spiritual" aspect of things that are not according to your world view, but if you can wade through a certain amount of this, you will find that the "guts" (the how and why) behind many treatments make a lot of sense.  God gave us a wealth of substances and compounds to use for our health.  It is up to us to learn what they are and how to use them.

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Kendra said...

We are also "THAT" family. I never imagined myself to be the long-term nursing, homeschooling, organic veggie growing, anti-vaccine, homemade homecare, everything from scratch kind of girl, but I am. I love it. :)