Monday, March 21, 2011

Size Does Matter

We live in a society that is, if we are all honest, is overweight isn't it? We live in land flowing with McDonalds, Burger King, Hardees and various other fast food resturants.  Hardees has the Monster Burger, Burger King has the Triple Whopper, and McDonald's has the Double Quarter Pounder.  The land of "bigger the better."

Just read the slogans: Burger King, "Have it your way."; McDonalds, "I'm loving it."; Hardees, "Home of the Monster Burger."  There was even a guy that a few years ago made a movie, Super Size Me.  In the movie he ate nothing for a month but McDonalds for breakfast, lunch, and supper.  What happened?  He ended up in the worst condition of his life.  Chlosterol went up, his weight went up, blood pressure went up, everythig went from good to worse.

But the opposite side of the coin is we also live in a society with The Biggest Loser.  Gyms on every corner, GNC Stores everywhere, we have almost become obsessed with losing the weight that comes from the burger wars.  This leads me to the verse in the Bible that says, "Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial."

I am not saying that eating at McDonalds is bad, and we all could stand to lose a few pounds, I know I can.  Here is a tip that I am still working on when it comes to eating, size does matter.  Instead of ordering the large meal at fast food joints, order the normal meal.  Instead of the Monster Burger, would we not be satisfied with the regular cheeseburger?  When fixing a meal at home, how about following the serving size on the back of the packages?  For snacks between meals, instead of the king size candy bar, what about an apple or grapes.  With that though we still have to be careful with how big the apple is and how many grapes we eat.

We all can use more exercise, joining a gym is not bad, but what about getting out, going for a walk, a jog, or playing some ball in the park, going for a bike ride around the block.  Remember when it does come to our bodies, they are a temple of the Holy Spirit and we do need to take care of them, we only get one, let's not destroy it.  Food: size does matter.  The bigger the meal, the more calories it has and the more caloies we consume the bigger our waist will get.  We are God's property, let's take care of it.

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