Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rivers of Living Water

Jesus was talking one day about the fact His followers would have “rivers of living water” flowing from their “innermost being.” I’m wondering why a whole lot of days I feel lucky to work up a trickle. Sometimes my “river” slows to the point where I’m surprised if a drop or two slowly oozes out.

My mother has been a diabetic for years and lives in a nursing home. Four times a day they come and prick her finger to test her blood. Many times when I am there it takes a lot of squeezing just to get out a single drop. That’s how I feel sometimes…like it takes an awful lot of effort just to squeeze out a single drop of Jesus.

Other things seem to flow without effort like anger, impatience, and selfishness. Why does there seem to be an abundant supply of these vices and such a limited amount of the Christian virtues I long to exhibit?
I grew up near Niagara Falls, NY. We took scores of trips there when I was a boy. I was always amazed at the fact the Falls never ran out of water. If you travel a mile or so back from the Falls you can see that the source of that beautiful spectacle is an unending source of water from the Niagara River. What makes the Falls so spectacular is what flows into the Falls. 

I think the reason I have such trouble seeing Living Water flow out of my life is because I don’t let enough flow in! After all, what flows in is most likely going to determine what is flowing out. 

So…once again it boils down to my personal responsibility to read God’s Word, meditate on His promises, and spend time in His presence. When I allow Him to be the predominate influence in my life it will undoubtedly show in what flows out of my life. So test the waters. See what’s flowing out of your life today.

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