Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Top Ten Best and Worst Things About Being Pregnant

My husband and I just recently spilled the beans to our family and friends that we're expecting a third child. So, to celebrate the announcement of adding a third child to my clan, I'd like to share:

The Top Ten Best and Worst Things About Being Pregnant

10. Some of my favorite maternity clothes actually feel like I get to wear my pajamas all day! What a great concept! They look (mostly) like regular clothes, but feel like pajamas!

9. Not feeling too guilty about pouring M&M's over my popcorn (Seriously, have you tried this? The chocolate melts on the hot popcorn...I'm making myself hungry....).

8. Knowing where every bathroom is, at every store, (when you have to go every 15 minutes) makes it much easier in a few years when your kid is potty training.

7. Sweet talking my husband into giving me nightly back rubs (You did this to me, now rub my back!).

6. Getting to see God's sense of humor. My mom was always trying to talk me out of having a third baby, and this one just happens to be due on her birthday!
5. Finding the best midwife who lets me totally relax because I can completely put my trust in her. Thanks, Goldie!

4. My husband being really excited, but not surprised, when I told him about #3, but mercifully not adding that my disposition for the prior two weeks left little doubt.

3. The first time you feel the baby kick. It makes it feel so much more real (and tests your bladder).

2. Watching my daughters sing and talk to the baby. I adore seeing how much love their little hearts already hold for their future sibling.

1. Getting to experience one of God's miracles first hand. There is nothing more amazing than nurturing, protecting and growing a little one inside of yourself.


10. Looking longingly at other people who get to wear pants with actual zippers and buttons (not the pretend ones they sometimes put over the elastic on maternity pants).

9. Doubling my 5K time in just a matter of months. In another few months I'll be lucky to walk 5K without having to go to the bathroom. In one of my grumpier moods, I accused my husband of getting me pregnant to ensure that I wouldn't beat him in the 8K we were going to run this summer!

8. Buying a new pair of sexy shoes for date night with the hubby, and having to try not to waddle.

7. Saying goodbye to diet pop. OK, I know it's not good for me anyway, but I do like to indulge occasionally and most moms can use a jolt of caffeine from time to time!

6. No NyQuil induced sleep comas when you're sick. I REALLY miss this one!

5. Feeling like you need 12 hours of sleep a night when your kids still thinks it's fun to get up at 5am (the best cartoons are on then, you know!).

4. At some point, no amount of money spent on fancy pillows will make your sleep any less miserable.

3. Everyone somehow feeling like they have the license to tell you how a 7-9 lb baby should exit YOUR body. The little old lady standing behind you at the grocery store is always the worst!

2. Wondering when you're nauseous, really tired or generally miserable, why you actually tried so hard to do this to yourself.

1. Two words: Stretch marks.

Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to let me know any you think I missed!


deb_jones said...

I am so confused! Don't you already have 3????

Bree said...

Just 2, though some days I count my husband :)

Lainie said...

LOL Number 2 on the worst list. I totally said that to myself this morning. The nausea, the sore throat that I can't take meds for, and I miss my coffee! Did I actually do this to myself on purpose? LOL And last night, I was trying to remember why I wanted to get pregnant again SO badly... I should have written my reasons down before the discomfort started. ;D