Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Amazing Yetta!!!!!

You don't see them much any more, but remember those people who used to spin plates on little sticks? They could keep all kinds of plates spinning all at the same time....

I have taken up plate spinning. No, not literally, but I feel like I have in my life. I have many plates...Cleaning, Laundry, dishes, time with boys, time with husband, romance, work, friends, "me" time...I try to keep them all spinning...but I am not good at it.

It may work a day or two...I feel like I am doing well, those plates are spinning beautifully...then one of the boys gets sick or hurt and....CRASH...there goes the cleaning and dishes plates. I run over to those plates and get them going again, then the romance plate starts wobbling. I leave those plates and run to the romance and time with husband plates and...CRASH...there goes the Laundry and dishes plates again. Work seems to be the one plate I can keep spinning, but all the others start wobbling uncontrollably and then even that one seems to start to waiver.

Then I do something bad happens and....CRASH....they all come down at once.

Oh do people do this every day?

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