Monday, May 16, 2011

A Bit of Mama Nostalgia...

Today is a very, very special day to me.  Today is the 11th anniversary of the birth of my first born children, twin boys.  They sure have had a rough go of some things, they certainly had a bumpy start to life, but they are amazing little people... who are not really so little anymore!

As I write this, I can hear them outside - where they can always be found- playing baseball.  Their yells to each other echo in my mind... it takes me back to their interaction with each other at a much younger age... I remember once, as 4 year olds, Jonah sitting in the wagon and ordering Daniel to pull him around.  And Daniel did.  Jonah's the bossy one.  Daniel is the quiet contemplative one.  Jonah wears his heart on his sleeve and Daniel is a bit broody and moody.  Even at age 4, their God - given temperaments were emerging and showing themselves to the world.  Today, Jonah yells for Daniel to "catch the ball" or "get closer to the plate"... comfortable directing.  God is SO good!  There was a time that we didn't know what these Miracle Babies would be able to do!  They're showing everyone what they can do.  Daniel will take just so much of Jonah's bossiness before stepping in and figuring out how things ought to be done.  It is cool seeing him do this... we knew it would come, it was just a matter of when...

Their younger brother will be 7 next month and getting to experience some of the same coming-of-age type things with him is quite the fun time, too!  After going through it with the twins, dealing with some of Sam's quirks seems almost tame... although he IS the youngest and has learned that being a little bit louder, a little bit more dramatic plays to his advantage.

I'm a week late for Mothers Day, but I figure I'm a Mama every day, so its all good.  The things that these little boy people have taught me, the lessons I've learned because of them... it blows my mind!  The people we've met, the experieces we've had... none of it would have been possible without them.  I don't remember who I was before they came along.  I know the transformation is not complete, I'm still a work in progress, a beautiful mess in God's Hands, but I've been so blessed on this journey.  The most surprising of all of my blessings is the knowledge that everything has worked out exactly how it is supposed to.  I can stress out and worry and fret about every detail of every issue we face... but I don't have to do that!  God's got it covered.  He's got it ALL covered.  Things that I would have never seen a possibility of working out... turned out exactly how they should have.  Not that I always like the outcome, but down the road - 100% of the time - I can look back and say "OH!  I get it now."  Of course there are always questions, but I can, again, 100% of the time, look back and say honestly that the answers to those questions are unimportant in order for me to accomplish the task at hand.  God is Good ALL THE TIME!

So, as I prepare to make candy sushi (for Jonah's cake) and a baseball cake for Daniel, I can look back on all of the medical stuff, all of the questions, all of the tears and, indeed, all of the laughter and hugs and kisses and muddy faces and know that God has these little people in His hands and He knows just what He's doing!  I couldn't have done it any better than the beautiful little people He intentionally created.  Thank You, Father, for these amazing children, for trusting me with them and for knowing all and raining all of these blessings upon me.

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Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday to daniel and Jonah, I can see them as 11year olds, but I can't wrap my mind around Sam turning 7. Miracles, all of them.