Friday, May 27, 2011

Through the Eyes of a Child

Have you ever spent time observing children?  Not interacting, just watching and listening to them. It's amazing how much our little ones pick up and comprehend, even at a young age and when we don't think they're looking.  Not only do kids see what is going on, but they also have the gift of seeing beyond the obvious and are more in tune with the spirit of things around them.

For example, about a month ago I was sitting in my seat waiting for church to start when my friend's son asked her "Mom, when does the show start?"  I laughed internally at first and then I realized that in many ways he was right.  That church has been (for me at least) nothing much more than a group of people screaming "Look at us" instead of "Let us help you look at Jesus."  When you boil that down, it's a show.

Are we attenders contributing to the show by halfheartedly singing along without actually worshiping?  Or maybe by keeping to ourselves without reaching out to the lost?  Or even by allowing the church to become comfortable instead of challenging?  Hopefully not, but I fear that's the case.

There's a reason Jesus said the kingdom would be made up of those who receive Him like children.  Children are trusting, loving people who are not pretentious or guarded.  Perhaps if we were to start looking at the world like children, we would see our lives and the lives of others change as a result.

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