Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lessons From an Unwanted Plant

Last year, Bill's mom gave us a flat of plants. I think some were pansies and the rest were dusty millers.  I was not going to use any of the plants in any landscaping that I had planned to do, but at that time, we had adopted the mentality that we would take anything that the in-laws offered and toss it ourselves.  (This was during the time that they were trying to get all their stuff out of the parsonage so they could move on with retirement.)

I don't normally toss live plants in the garbage, so I asked around at the office to see if anyone could use these plants, and a co-worker was more than willing to take them off my hands.  I gave her all the plants I had been given - or so I thought.  A couple days later I noticed one remaining plant sitting in its little plastic container next to a transplanted hosta, and I mentally noted that I should probably give that one to my co-worker as well.  I never did.

That plant (I'm going to call him Dusty - creative, I know), amazingly enough to me, started growing - and growing - and growing.  Please keep in mind, he was in the original plastic container that it came with.  He outgrew my transplanted hosta, to the point that he  overshadowed the hosta.  I did not water him, I did not weed around him, heck I didn't even plan to plant him!  He grew anyways.  He pushed his roots through the plastic and was firmly planted in the ground. AND he flourished.  It's not the ideal planting for him, but he made do with what he was given. 

Shouldn't we be doing that?  The saying goes "Bloom where you're planted."  Granted, we may have a bit more control over where we are than Dusty did, but sometimes we don't.  It's how we deal with what we consider to be the "not-so-perfect" garden we're in that matters.  Dusty put his roots down right where I left him, and he grew.   We may not be in a job that showcases our talents, we may not think we even have talents to showcase.  We may not be living where we would prefer, or be relationally where we would rather be.  Based on Dusty, I  think these are just excuses.  He was in a plastic container (the flimsy, one of many on a flat of others type container) - not even a pot!  He'd much rather be actually planted in the ground.

We're usually so concerned about blooming that we forget to put our roots down.  Unfortunately, we can't bloom without our roots being firmly entrenched in the soil.  Busy-ness prohibits a lot of growth, and certainly there must be growth before anything can bloom.  We are where we are for a purpose, and trying to move to a new place could prove disasterous, if done incorrectly.  Dusty had roots in the soil, so I couldn't just pick him up and take him out of his plastic container, it would have killed him.  I could have attempted "plastic container surgery" and cut the plastic away, but even that could have harmed him, so I will leave him be. He did fine enough without me.

Here's to growing some roots, regardless of our container!

Enjoy the picture of Dusty below:

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GREAT post, Kristin!