Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Movie Review - Journey 2 Mystery Island

Hello Friends!

Just this evening, I decided to treat my three boys to a movie.  I'd never seen a 3D movie, so we splurged on an IMAX movie for the four of us.  I'm so glad we did!  Considering I have no short term retention of details, and we've been home from our little adventure for less than half an hour, I'm afraid I can't give a full review (Sad, right?) BUT, I can share some good stuff about this movie and I definitely highly recommend it!

The movie is a spin-off of the Jules Verne book and has just enough "throw back" to the book (The Mysterious Island) to click the long term memory into has been a long time since I've read any of his books!  (But am thinking about picking them up again to read them as a family, I know the boys will love them!).  Some of the spins on the tale include a ginormous electric eel that is used to jump- start the dead battery of the Nautilus.  Speaking of the Nautilus - there was a lot of creative energy put into the design of the movie version of Verne's famous submarine.  The thing was amazing and I enjoyed the creative liberties taken in the design and direction of all of the special effects.  The animals (from the aforementioned electric eel to the teeny tiny elephants to the large insects and arachnids) are creative and outstanding, borrowing the Liliputian concept of "the small become large and the large become small", the special effects are, indeed, a journey of the mind.

There are no questionable activities in the movie (save for the opening scene in which the teenaged protagonist leads the police on a chase - but we do find out the reason for this shortly thereafter).  The family structure (with step-dad being an outstanding male figure for the young boy) is realistic (kid dislikes step-dad, mom questions ex-husband's father's commitment to family) and, just like most families, even with a certain degree of dysfunction, in the end, love prevails and we endear the slightly wacky characters because of their imperfection.  I really adored the father-son relationship that grew in the short time-frame of the movie.  It wasn't forced or hokey... (I'm a sap... I admit it!)

Finally, my boys loved the movie.  The twins (11 years old) were very much into the adventure and action and my  7 year old was laughing the entire time at the jokes and at some of the silly situations.  I highly recommend seeing this movie in 3D - as I said, this was my first 3D movie and (other than the price - OUCH!) I just loved it!  This is the type of movie that is enhanced by the 3D process, with the amazing special effects popping off the screen making the movie all the more enjoyable.  My crew gave this movie 4.5 out of  5 buckets of popcorn.

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