Monday, February 27, 2012


'Today is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." - Psalm 118:24

Today, this day, if you are reading this, God has given you another day. Perhaps you awakened to the sun streaming through the window onto your pillow. As you opened your eyes you could see the dust hanging in the air in the sun. You yawned and stretched out in your bed and got up on your own time. You made it out of your bed and downstairs to the coffee your coffee maker had prepared for you at just the right time because of the settings you programmed. You leisurely sip your coffee, read the paper, and eat your breakfast and think about what sounds like a good way to spend your day.

Maybe you were awakened by a buzzing of an alarm. You scrambled out of bed to hit the shower and on the way to the bathroom you stubbed your toe. You grumbled about not getting enough sleep and how you have so much to do, you will never get it all accomplished. After all, a person needs sleep and you got very little last night. You tossed and turned all night and you are tired this morning. When you finally make it to the kitchen to grab a quick bite on your way out the door, the milk is all gone, and the coffee maker didn't turn on and all that is in the pot is from yesterday. As you head off to work you grumble about having to do everything yourself if you want anything done.

Both scenarios sound familiar to some extent to me. Perhaps you relate to one over the other. Maybe you are a man and you feel as though all you ever get done is working to provide. All you want to do when you get home is to relax and watch the game but even at home people want something from you. Maybe you are a stay at home mom and you have been home all day and you feel overwhelmed. No one could find a sock if it wasn't for you. The meals are prepared because you prepared them. You dream of the day when someone will eat the food you have given them and say thank you for your work and offer to clean up.

I am not sure where you are. I find as I get older every day I wake up I am amazed. Not because I'm sick or I feel surprised, I just am amazed with the prospect of another day. I spend the hour it takes me to get myself ready and fed before work talking to God. I am not even sure that is how everyone goes about talking to God. I don't talk out loud. I just have these conversations with Him where I thank Him for another day. I ask Him what we are going to do. How can I do what He has planned for me. I ask for help overcoming my fears. I ask for strength and endurance to get through the day and to get through the day to day with my main focus on Him.

I find that when I spend my morning this way my day just goes better. It is not My day it is His day. I am merely a vessel to accomplish what He has planned. I come up with nothing on my own. I am not even typing these words alone. I know myself well enough to know that I'm just not that smart. I have a few report cards I could dig up to prove it.

I think this passage in the Bible is a bit of a clue as to how to start and get through the day. No matter what is going on in life. To remember that this is a day that He has made and to rejoice and be glad in it. You may be reading this and thinking that I have no idea what I am talking about. There are some terrible things that go on in the world. I understand that. Maybe my faith is childlike to the extent that each day I wake up I am sure that it's another day to make a difference. It's another day to rejoice and have our eyes opened to the wonder of God's creations. I needn't look any farther than my own home to see them. I have been blessed beyond measure and I believe that God has a plan for me as imperfect and flawed as I am. He can still use me. It may not be for what I choose, it may be for something so amazing that I could never have imagined it possible. Either way today, on this day, I have been given another day. Another day to do what is asked of me by my Father. By the One Who brought this day into being. Today is the day. Won't you rejoice? Won't you be glad in it?

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