Monday, September 24, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

In my cubicle, I have a wristband tacked to the wall. It's pretty nondescript, just a green wristband like you might get at a water park to show that you paid your admission.  To me it's much more than that.  It represents a time when I learned I could do something I thought to be impossible.

My husband and I volunteered to serve at a week long children's camp this past summer.  He was in charge of worship, I was in charge of crafts.  Until a couple days before camp, I thought I was going to also serve as a counselor, and I was not super thrilled about that.  Me, in a cabin in July with 10 girls ranging in age from  3rd-5th grades just didn't sound like the best situation for anyone involved.  I was the most grateful person at that camp when I found out that enough counselors had been found!

Even as camp craft lady, I had to take the swimming test if I wanted to swim in the deep end.  While I've never taken any formal lessons, I can hold my own in the water.  Bill had warned me that the test involved swimming across the swimming area, and then a swim out to the pontoon that served as the lifeguard stand for the deep end, where I would be expected to tread water for 3 minutes.  WHAT?!?!?!

The swimming was easy, both parts.  Then came the treading.  I am the first to admit that I am out. of. shape.  No two ways about that.  I was not confident at all that my arms and legs were going to be able to keep pumping for that amount of time.  I don't even think that I have even attempted to tread water for that long.  I know the mechanics of it: move your legs like you're riding a bike, and periodically use your arms to lift you up. Oh, and breathe.  About the time I thought I was going to call it quits, the lifeguard told me that my 3 minutes were up.  My legs were burning, my heart rate higher than I'm sure my doctor would have wanted it, and I was sucking air like I had run a marathon, but I passed the swim test!

My reward? The green bracelet hanging in my cubicle, and the ability to swim in the deep end all week long. Now I use the bracelet as a visual reminder during my busy day that I can get my work done, and I can do it well. That's well worth the effort I put in.

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